Tepozlan – Turn Around


“Its closed, cerrado” I was told about a half dozen times in several languages often followed by laughs. One gentleman went so far as to get me to look at my watch, “cinco treinta”. I was hiking several hundred meters up a mountain that surrounds Tepoztlan, a bit of a hippie town that’s a weekend destination for Mexico City. The temple closed at 5:30, it was 5:35 and I was well aware of that. I wasn’t expecting to get in at best I thought I might be able to get around it, given the gate, cliff and stairs I encountered when I got to it I’d have to wait till the next day.

Temple at Tepoztlan
Temple at Tepoztlan

The temple wasn’t the only reason I headed up though, actually it was more by accident, the road I was exploring in town just started leading up there and I followed. Moreover however, I noticed smaller paths darting off the main trail and had followed one near the bottom. It was clear these lesser paths were more used by youths looking for a place to hang out and get away, or for a quick tryst which I may have interrupted. These paths however also lead to areas with nice views of the surrounding mountain and town.

Despite the closed gate at the top I was rewarded with another path that lead off the main trail. It was as I had hoped, a way to get further up the mountain than the location of the temple. I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding valley, all the way to what I think was Cuernavaca. I was also presented with a beautiful sunset, which quickly made me realize I had neglected to bring a light and still had at least a 30 minute decent ahead of me, if not longer. I managed to make it down just as it was getting too dark to see my footing, I sometimes forget how dark it can get in the maintains and forest, and how much worse it is when they are combined.


Snowmobiling in Mexico City


Tubing in Mexico City


The Cathedral in Mexico City


On top of the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan


The Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan


Water at the park in Mexico City, gross, but looked cool


Danza de los Voladores, Mexico City


A curator with a sense of humor, Mexico City Museum of Anthropology and History


Toys, Mexico City



A skating rink in Mexico City, they had two air conditioning units each wider and longer than a transport trailer to cool the rink…it was still melting in the sun.

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