Beach Towns – Mazunte and Puerto Esconditio


Its only been 4 days here in Mazunte, it feels like longer, its the kind of place you can lose time, a great many people you talk to here have been here a few months, a few years. There’s sand, sun, surf, and oh so delicious baked goods. Its 36°C here and doesn’t change much with the seasons. I’ve gotten up most mornings to do yoga, do as little as possible until about 4, watch the sunset and then perhaps be a little active. The hostel has the most brilliant dorm area at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean with hanging beds.

A young boy watches as children big enough ride the swinging ship.
A young boy watches as children big enough ride the swinging ship.

Before here I was in the beautiful mountain town of Taxco. A short morning stroll turned in to day long expedition to walk to a waterfall we understood to be no more than 30 minutes away. In all we walked about 15km and about 2000m vertically. The stream of water coming off the top of the cliff however was a sight to behold as well as refreshing after so long walking in the heat.

A day was also spent on tour and wandering through one of the largest caves I’ve encountered, over 2km long, 80m high at points and likely wider than that. It had some truly massive and impressive formations, a sight to behold.

In Puerto Esconditio we had an opportunity to release baby sea turtles which was great fun and highly recommended. I’ve also taken a surf lesson here, managed to get up on my first try, wow is surfing a lot of work!

Random thoughts:

– Ever have the moment when your on you way to work and wish you had remembered to bring a snack, a CD of second rate pop songs from 5 years ago, or perhaps some shampoo. Well if you rode the Mexico City subway system, you wouldn’t need worry, all those things and more are at your fingertips care of the friendly and helpful hawkers the wander the transit cars.

The coastline at sunset in Mazunte.


One of many iguanas we spotted while on a swamp tour.


Beach bonfire and stars in Mazunte.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, the champagne bottle.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.


On the way to La Cascada, near Taxco.


La Cascada near Taxco.


Greasing the pole, just to be sadistic I suppose.


Installing a metal pole for some of the older children to climb and get prizes. Near Taxco.
A Donkey, just because its Mexico.


Markers are fun. Hitchhiking to Puerto Esconditio.


Pedro and a baby sea turtle. Puerto Esconditio.


Baby sea turtles ready for release. Puerto Esconditio.


Live baby turtles, a delicious delecacy. Puerto Escondito.


Baby sea turtles on their way to the ocean. Puerto Esconditio.


Baby sea turtle. Puerto Esconditio.

 Photographs of Mexico