One Thing You Should Always Ask The Locals

What’s you’re favourite thing to do in your city?

Its a simple question, but it often gets overlooked.You’ve read some information on the internet, consulted your guide book and determined you really only need a day in town to see sights 1 and 3 because 2 is of no interest to you. That’s all there is to do in this town. Right?

Maybe, but more likely there is so much more than you could imagine.

On my recent stay in Oaxaca, Mexico we asked the gentleman at the counter of our hostel what was his favourite thing to do in the city. We got the usual, Monte Alban, Hierve El Agua, markets, but he also had a fantastic little gem for us.

Not more than 20 minutes outside the city lies La Encantada Orquideas de Mexico (sorry, no link, their website doesn’t work yet), a beautiful little botanical garden. The site boasts more than 1300 kinds orchids and over 700 other species of plants including bromelias and hibiscus. Not only are all of the plants native to Mexico, none of them are hybrids, unlike many other orchid gardens you’d find throughout the world.

The garden also challenges your preconceptions of what an orchid is. Many would expect the flowers to be roughly the size of your palm and for that reason the owner goes to the trouble to give you a brief tour through the first portion of the garden showing some orchids smaller than the end of your pinky finger.

For reference as you look through the photos, the majority of the flowers posted are smaller than a penny. Enjoy.